Free Comic Book Day

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Free Comic Book Day started in 2002 and has become a very popular event all over the world! This year, more than four million comic books will be given away worldwide!

The 2016 date is
Saturday May 7th!

Free? Really? The comics are free?
Yes! There are limits as we want to get the comics to as many people as possible so don’t bring a big backpack or trolley thinking you’re going to fill it up! Each store has their own rules, check with your local comic book store for more info on their event or click on the location below:

Halifax  Fredericton  Dartmouth

What comics will be given away?
A variety of comics are available. Many are specifically created for Free Comic Book Day and feature many of todays popular comic book characters and many more from our own stock that we feel people will enjoy. You can see some of the specially-made issues created just for the event at

That sounds great! Put aside a bunch for me, okay?
Sorry, we can’t put any aside for anyone. If you want one of the free comics, drop by your local comic book shop on Free Comic Book Day! If we have any leftovers, we give them away throughout the summer.

One of them in particular looks terrific! I need five of them for my kids / friends at home!
Then they should attend Free Comic Book Day at their local comic book shop – you’re welcome to some free comics, but no doubles. The effort is to get as many comics to as many people as possible; not have any one person take several copies of the same comic.

And the comics are really free?
Yes! No catch except for one. You have to read them.

Aren’t comics too mature for kids?
Not at all – comics are for everyone. While some are written for older readers, there are many that are aimed at the younger folks! We have three sections; all ages, teen and adult.

How did this event get started?

A comic book store owner in California named Joe Field came up with the idea in 2001. He proposed it to his fellow store owners and to the others in the industry. Everyone thought it was a great idea, and soon a committee was formed to make it happen.

Who is charge of it, then?

There’s a committee made up of publishers, retailers, industry press, and distributor representatives. The committee makes most decisions and sets general policy, but many issues – such as the date for the event – are determined by an industry-wide vote of comic book retailers.

What is the purpose of this event? Why are you doing this?

To remind people of the power and the fun of comics. many people are aware that characters like Batman or Spiderman come from comics, and they enjoy watching the movies, but they’re really missing out if they haven’t tried the comics.

We want to remind people of this form of storytelling. The variety, the types of stories being told, and the skills being brought to bear are tremendous. there’s a comic book for everyone – Free Comic Book Day is a perfect opportunity for people to find theirs!

We hope to see you on Free Comic Book Day! Bring some friends, too!