BEST OF 2009, ETC.

Posted on January 30th, 2010

Hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year’s!

May your 2010 be even better than your 2009!


ITEM!: best of 2009

The comics blog “Living between Wednesdays” posted their “best of 2009” lists.

Well worth checking out:

 Marvel’s best of 2009 

 DC’s best of 2009

 best of 2009 Graphic Novels (original and collections) 

 Best of the rest 2009

 and our own favourites are shown here:  |

and if you’re still not sick of “best of…” lists, take some time to check out Comics Alliance’s best of the best of lists:


ITEM!: Usagi!

January’s Previews catalogue will have the info on the adorable Usagi Yojimbo plush doll, shipping in May 2010. (what else would make for a good plush doll? Buffy? Rufferto?)


ITEM!: Bats #7

Batman & Robin #7 first look at Cameron Stewart’s blog here. Cameron also posted a nifty video showing his inking methods here.