Posted on February 19th, 2012

Pretty cool Supersnipe, eh? A gift from Lissa Patillo who is hard at work on our new store website that will include the beginnings of our on-line store! We hope to have this beast operational in the next couple of months. Please do stay tuned! (and thanks Lissa!) You can see some of Lissa’s work at her website http://lissapattillo.com Lissa made the Friends with Boys website where Faith Erin Hicks has been serializing her new graphic novel of the same name. It concludes very soon and the printed version will be making its debut at our next Ladies Night event, Feb. 29th from 7-9pm.

Ladies NightMore info on Ladies Night is at the facebook event page her:  and the Dal Gazette ran an article about it here: http://dalgazette.com/featured/wonder-women-of-halifax/ and Wired.com just posted an interview with Faith here.


Dave Howlett, Halifax’s intrepid store manager had a few notes about some fo the comics that arrived on Feb. 15th:

ROAD RAGE #1: An adaptation of the story “Throttle”, a collaboration between father-and-son literary powerhouses Stephen King and Joe Hill! A dangerous motorcycle club meets an even more dangerous nemesis in the form of a mysterious, homicidal trucker who stalks them on the desert highway. This story was written as a tribute to TWILIGHT ZONE legend Richard Matheson’s story “Duel” (adapted for TV in 1971 by a young Steven Spielberg!), and Matheson’s tale will be adapted for the second half of this four-issue miniseries from IDW.

VENOM 13.2: Remember when the Fantastic Four were presumed dead, and Spider-Man, Wolverine, the Grey Hulk, and Ghost Rider joined forces to become the NEW Fantastic Four?

This new five-part mini event updates that story, starring Venom, X-23, the Red Hulk, and the all-new Ghost Rider teaming up to prevent the spread of a very real Hell on Earth! A fun new take on an old idea. And if you’re a Ghost Rider fan who wants to support the guy who dreamed up the fiery-skulled incarnation of the character, check out Steve Niles’ website

(http://www.steveniles.com/gary.html) to see how you can help Gary Friedrich!


DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS #6 FEATURING THE CHALLENGERS OF THE UNKNOWN: Deadman passes the torch to the series’ new stars in the second arc of the New 52’s ongoing anthology series! The men and women living on borrowed time are relaunched for a new generation of readers, courtesy of Dan Didio and Jerry Ordway (with an unbelievably cool cover by Ryan Sook!).

GLORY #23: The second in a series of relaunched Extreme Studios properties reimagined by indie superstars! Don’t let the numbering fool you, Joe Keatinge and Ross Campbell’s bold new vision of Rob Liefeld’s 1990s warrior woman is a perfect jumping-on point for new readers. This introductory issue finds an obsessed young woman on the trail of the long-vanished heroine. Yes, the Nineties were a silly time in comics, but the new takes on Extreme properties (like last month’s smash hit PROPHET), are exciting, fresh, and totally unexpected.

MY FRIEND DAHMER TP: An expanded book-length version of the eerie, thought-provoking comic from underground cartoonist Derf Backderf. Decades ago, Derf and his gang of misfit friends shared high school classes with an even more oddball misfit, a quiet loner named…

Jeffrey Dahmer. This compelling, tragic, true story offers a rare glimpse into the young mind of one of the last century’s most notorious serial killers.

JACK AVARICE IS THE COURIER TP: One of my favourite miniseries from last year, this brand new character from writer/artist Chris Madden (DANGER GIRL: REVOLVER) is a young doofus who dreams of life as an action hero…only to find a life of action suddenly thrust upon him! For kids of the Eighties, this one’s got tons of blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameos from lots of familiar faces, as well as one truly inspired sound effects panel (two words: Wilhelm Scream!).


and last but certainly not least, we are working out details for several store appearances including

– Jim Zubkavich of Udon and Skullkickers

– Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics and Adventure Time

– Fiona Staples of Saga, Mystery Society and North 40

– Kurtis Wiebe of Green Wake, Intrepids, and Peter Panzerfaust

Details will be announced via email, website, twitter, facebook etc. once they are set.


That’s all I have for now except to invite you to a movie:

Alliance Films is pleased to invite you and a guest to the Halifax Advance Screening of Act of Valor.

Please Click below and enter your Promo PIN Code: AOF-STRANGEADVENTURES

Thursday, February 23, 2012
Show Time: 7:00 PM
Empire 8 Park Lane
5657 Spring Garden Road
Halifax, NS B3J 3R4
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This invitation is valid for 20 double passes. The PIN code will be disabled once the passes are distributed.