Dark Days: The Forge – what’s it about?

Posted on June 14th, 2017

Here is what writer Scott Snyder had to say in response to our request for a quick pitch on DARK NIGHTS: METAL…
“While investigating a mystery surrounding the strange substance known as Nth Metal, the Justice League makes the most shocking discovery in the history of the DCU…that beneath the known Multiverse exists a much vaster, more terrifying realm called the DARK MULTIVERSE! A roiling ocean of terrifying, phantom worlds where our greatest fears dwell, a realm where all the stories that should never, ever be told are lurking. Now, the League has opened the door, and the DARK KNIGHTS will lead the charge as the Dark Multiverse invades our planet in a full scale assault. None of our heroes will be safe after this summer’s most epic event, METAL!

“So strap in, because this August, comics’ most exciting creative team wants you to release your inner rock god, and follow them on an in-continuity, cosmos-spanning, multiverse-shaking adventure to the wildest, most shocking corners of the DCU.”
Available at your local comic store on Wednesday, June 14th!

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