Subscription Service

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Strange Adventures offers a free subscription service to ensure you won’t miss an issue of your favourite comic book series. Just talk to one of the folks behind the counter at your local Strange Adventures Comic Book Shop!

How does a subscription service work?
You give us a list of the series you want, and each week (we get new comic shipments weekly), we set those issues aside for you. You don’t need to rush around and are secure in the knowledge that the comics you want are set aside and waiting for you.

You drop by your friendly neighbourhood Strange Adventures at least once a month to pick up the comics you ordered. Easy-peasy! You can also pre-order single issues, graphic novels, toys, and more – pretty much whatever is in the monthly Previews catalogue, available at Strange Adventures or online!

When can I pick up my comics?
Usually, the new comics are ready for sale Wednesday morning, but in the case of holidays or bad weather, they can sometimes be delayed until the next day. Check our website, Facebook page or twitter feed for updates.

We need subscribers to pick up their comics at least once a month as our storage space is limited. If you are unable to pick up your order each month, you can make other arrangements such as mail order or payment by credit card or paypal. Subscriptions not picked up in a timely manner may be cancelled.

There was a comic I didn’t order in there?
There are occasions we may put a comic aside for you because it has a character, writer, artist or story-point that we thought might be of interest to you; or it might be the first issue of a new series that we think you may be interested in based on the other titles on your subscription list. These are just suggestions and you are not under any obligation to buy them. We only ask that you buy what you have ordered.

How do I know when things come out?
There’s a weekly e-mail that lists the upcoming new releases as well as some store announcements, etc. Let us know if you’d like to be added to the list. We do not share anyone’s email address with anyone for any reason. The new releases are also posted on our website, usually over the weekend, and links are posted to our Facebook group and Twitter feed.

I’m interested! (or confused)
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by phone or email or ask any of the staff at your local Strange Adventures Comic Book Shop!