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Posted on December 10th, 2012


SPACE…the Final Frontier. The many resource rich planets within the limits of Federation territory await exploration and settlement. Build outposts and star bases to extract the resources. Using your fleet of starships, establish supply routes that enable you to boldly go further into deep space. Avoid resource shortages by trading with your opponents and Federation neighbors. If your opponents venture too far into your space, though, you might need to divert the Klingons to drive them away… because in the end, only one can be the Federation’s greatest hero! Take up the challenge!

STAR TREK CATAN® transports the timeless game concept of the world’s most acclaimed board game-THE SETTLERS OF CATAN-into the exciting Star Trek universe. The popular characters of the Starship Enterprise come into play through novel new “support cards.” Build, trade and settle where no one has gone before!

Since 1966, millions of Star Trek® fans all over the world have watched the adventures of the Starship Enterprise, Captain Kirk, and Mr. Spock. And since 1995, millions of enthusiastic players all over the world have played Klaus Teuber’s The Settlers of Catan®-a board game classic.
It’s time to bring them all together on the Final Frontier!

In the late Middle Ages, trade flourished in Europe. Economic groups like the Hanseatic League, the Welser and Fugger families, and merchants from Northern Italy established trading posts and factories in all of the important cities throughout Europe. These businesses provided the population with goods of all kinds, such as fur from the north, cloth from Flanders, wine from the south, and spices from India. The most important commodity of all was salt. In the Middle Ages salt was highly prized it was used to preserve food.

You are a powerful merchant! Start your trading posts in three cities. Recruit new merchants and send them to distant cities to establish trading posts and expand your interests. The more trading posts you have, the more commodities are at your disposal which you can sell profitably in foreign cities.

To ensure that your commodities arrive safely at their destination, you must open up trade routes and equip caravans. You win the game if you are the first to deliver all of your commodities to foreign cities.

Merchants of Europe uses the simple and fun Catan hex and resource system to recreate the growth of the merchant class across medieval Europe. Collect and trade resources to expand trade routes and trading posts. Build caravans to transport your goods to market before your rivals do. Can you expand your trading network more quickly and efficiently and become the most powerful merchant in all of Europe?

MFG3204 Catan Histories: Merchants of Europe contains:
• 1 game board (double sided)
• 120 trade routes (wood in 4 colors)
• 48 trading posts (wood in 4 colors)
• 8 caravans (wood 4 colors)
• 8 merchants (wood 4 colors)
• 1 robber (in black wood)
• 95 resource cards
• 25 development cards
• 40 commodity tokens
• 68 coins (1 & 3 denominations)
• 15 resource number tokens
• 4 building costs overviews
• 2 dice
• 1 rulebook
Ages 12+
For 3 -4 Players
Playing Time 2+ hours

Yucatan Adventure Board
(for Settlers of Catan)
This unique 6-fold board is perfect for holding your pieces securely in place while playing the game! It also allows you to move the game from place to place if needed! While Yucatan is not approved by, nor licensed by, Klaus Teuber, Catan GmbH, or Mayfair Games, Inc., it is compatible with ‘The Settlers of Catan®’ and is published under agreement with Mayfair Games, Inc., which reserves all rights therein.
Carcassonne : The Big Box is a combination of the base board game and the majority of the large expansions and all the mini-expansions. Specifically, the award winning base game of Carcassonne has the following added to it – Traders & Builders, Inns & Cathedrals, Abbey & Mayor, Princess & Dragon and Bridges, Castles & Bazaars.

Combining the most popular large and small expansions in one large box for easy of storage and sorting.

The Carcassonne Big Box base game and expansions tiles are marked on the back to indicate the differences, making sorting the various expansions out to create your desired Carcassonne experience simple and quick.

Designed by Keith Tralins and Brian David-Marshall

Enter the world of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead! Become a player and take on the role of a survivor in a world suddenly full of zombies. With only one companion at the start of the game, each player must struggle to gather resources, find other survivors, and eventually find a refuge from the zombies that have taken over the landscape. Can you find enough resources and scout enough locations to find a safe haven to escape to?
2011Each player takes on the role of one of six key characters from The Walking Dead. With meager resources and only one other companion, each player must travel across north Georgia in search
of food, ammunition, gas and other survivors. But…where ever a player moves, the zombie hordes are always right behind them.
Who will be the first to scout three locations and find refuge from…The Walking Dead?


4 Blue “Hero” Dice
4 Red “Warrior”
4 Green “Scavenger” Dice
1 Black “Ammo” Die
216 Zombie Tokens
72 Fatigue Markers
6 Starting Character Cards
23 Follower Cards
26 Location Cards
90 Encounter Cards
18 Resource Markers
23 Follower Tokens
6 Starting Character Portraits
6 Player Sheets
1 Game Board
1 Rulebook

No. of players: 1-6
Ages: 13+
Playing time: 30-60 minutes

You have been sent to Alcatraz, but you do not plan on staying there very long! You must find a way to escape. With your fellow convicts, you will elaborate a plan to return to freedom. But beware; you do not want to be the one the others leave behind…
In this cooperative game, you will take the role of prisoners trying to escape the prison together. However, for their plan to succeed, the group knows that one of them will have to be left behind as a scapegoat if any of them hope to make it out alive!
However, getting out of prison is not an easy task! Players will have to accomplish various tasks that will put into place an element of their escape plan. The players who, cooperatively, manage to carry out all six phases of the plan together will escape; the others will be caught by the guards and spend the rest of their lives in Alcatraz.
After each round, a new guard will come into play, making it more and more difficult to acquire the things you will need for your escape. But don’t worry; there are ways to make the guards look away from what you are trying to do…
Once a task has been completed, the player who accomplished the task gets to mark his prisoner’s sheet for the appropriate part of the plan. He then randomly draws a task card that will be completed by everyone except the scapegoat.
Being the scapegoat can have its advantages; like being the first to play and having more actions per turn than the other prisoners. This can allow you to become essential to the completion of the plan. So even if you are the scapegoat, you must make yourself indispensable, so that the others have no choice but to let you escape.
After every turn, check to see if there is a group of players that has completed at least one of each parts of the plan. If so, you have succeeded in escaping form Alcatraz; leaving the other prisoners behind you to take the blame…
12 Location tile (reversible)
4 Prisoner sheets
55 cards
73 wooden pieces
27 tokens
1 rulebook
No. of players: 3-4
Ages: 15+
Playing time: 45-60 minutes
Hark, friend! Let us… help… each other. We live in a time of altruism on Catan. We give away resources to help lagging players. We move the robber to isolated locations to ensure the safety of our fellows. We even go out of our way to connect our roads with our neighbors’ networks. Has everyone gone nuts?
Ah! Thanks to their beneficence, Catan’s guilds reward such noble-minded behavior by handing out “Favor Tokens” (FTs). Each guild helps us in different ways: granting us roads, development cards, random resources, preferential trades, or even Victory Points.
Everyone is just in it for themselves. There is an ulterior motive for everything. In fact, sometimes you can “help a friend” while making things far worse for them.
Sigh… If goodwill really exists… it’s not part of this scenario.

You will need all the components included in The Settlers of Catan (SOC) game.

Ages 12+
For 3-6 Players
Playing Time 45-60 + minutes

It’s the end of the world!
In Munchkin Apocalypse, every possible natural (and unnatural) disaster has happened . . . or will happen during the game. You are a rugged survivor in a world full of people — and things — that want to kill you and take your stuff. So do it to them first!
This set introduces four new classes and a new, yet eerily familiar, card type: Disasters!
And what’s with all these seals running around? Don’t they know the world’s about to end? You should really keep an eye on that seventh one in particular . . .
Munchkin Apocalypse will be available in Fall 2012. That should give you a few weeks to play it before the world really ends, at least if the Mayans are right . . .
Boxed game with 168 cards, rules, and die.